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Pure Ratios
Hemp Salve

363 Reviews

Pure Ratios Hemp Salve

363 Reviews

Enriched with hemp extract, arnica, & analgesic essential oils, the topical salve may provide relief from local muscle & joint pains.

  • May provide fast action - transdermal delivery
  • May help maximize stress fighting effects
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • Moisturizes skin naturally

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  • The Details
  • How To Use
  • Ingredients
  • Lab Results

The Details

The Pure Ratios Hemp Topical Salve is a safe, effective & easy to use pain relief topical solution. Enriched with hemp extract, arnica, & essentials oils of ginger, black pine, cardamom & turmeric, it helps reduce pain while also fighting against bodily stress.

It works by helping the body heal itself from the inside out, speeding up recovery time to help you get back to active living. Infused with skin-loving herbs it naturally moisturizes and conditions the skin as well.

Key Benefits

  • May reduce inflammation
  • May Support Joint Health
  • May reduce Pain
  • May moisturize Skin

May Work For Following
Pain Types

  • Back
  • Knee
  • Headaches
  • Neck
  • Arthritic
  • Sports Injury
  • Shoulder

How To Use

Step 1

Clean the area

Clean the area of discomfort with water and pat dry. This will enable better absorption of the salve when applied.

Step 2

Apply the salve

Take a pea sized amount of the salve on your fingers and massage the affected area with smooth circular motion.

Step 3

Enjoy rapid pain relief

Allow the salve to be absorbed completely into the skin. It goes to action quickly to help you with rapid pain relief & recovery.


  • Hemp Extract
  • Arnica
  • Meadowsweet
  • Calendula
  • Elder Flower
  • Rose Petals
  • Ginger Oil
  • Black Pine Oil
  • Cardamom Oil
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Turmeric Oil

Lab Results

To ensure safety, efficacy, efficiency & potency, all Pure Ratios products are tested by a certified 3rd party lab. You can review the lab report by clicking on the image.

Real People.
Real Results


Topical Salve

This is a waxy salve, not a cream, so you only get a small amount at a time. It is great for my shoulder tendonitis since it is a small area to cover. It eliminates the joint pain right away. I use the Pure Wave compression massager for the muscle aches since it does not eliminate them. I am very happy with the joint pain relief. Will buy again.

- Janette D.


Pain Relief

I have had shoulder and upper arm pain for 6 years. don't have the pain now. It has completely left my body. I will buy again and again.

- David J.


Topical Salve

We love our topical salve. It is our go to every time! Great for aches and pains!

- Lenna B.


Incredible product

I have stage four endometriosis and have been using Pure Ratios products to aid in the frequent abdominal pain that comes with the disease. This stuff helps me get through the day and is now a “need” item I always keep in my purse!

- Alicia A.


Use salve as supplement to patch

The patch has helped greatly when placed on the most sore spot. I rub in the salve on the surrounding muscle sore areas as needed in order to get as much pain relief as possible. Patch for 4 days; salve 2X per day. Better than any other topical I have tried.

- Donald D.

Our Product Range

Discover a complete range of pain-relief topical solutions including a transdermal patch,
a quick action salve & an on-the-go roll on.

Pure Ratios Hemp Patch

Our award-winning transdermal patch with patent-pending reservoir technology may offer relief from discomfort upto 96 hours.

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Pure Ratios Roll On

Our Roll-On may provide quick relief in a stick. The hemp extract & arnica infused in essential oil get quickly absorbed on application and may offer deep healing.

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Pure Ratios Hemp Kit

Pure Ratios Pain Relief Kit is a complete set of topicals that are curated with ingredients including hemp extract & herbal analgesics, which have been proven to help manage pain while helping you get back to an active lifestyle.

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