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Pure Ratios & Bloom Farms Wellness come together with new ways to experience all-natural relief.

New Friends,
New Horizons &
New Full-Spectrum Bundles

New Friends,
New Horizons &
New CBD-Rich Bundles

By investing years of research into drug delivery science, the experts at Pure Ratios have helped make the beneficial properties of Hemp more bioavailable. This dedication is exemplified by their highly popular and effective 96 Hour Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch.

We have previously shared the benefits of combining different forms of Hemp and using them in concert with key Botanicals for synergistic effects, so we’re THRILLED to join forces with Pure Ratios and offer a wider range of high-quality Hemp Extract products you can trust.

A Heritage of Holistic Health

Engaging the Hemp plant to empower a well-balanced life through a combination of research science & natural medicine

Pure Ratios is the life’s work of husband and wife practitioners with over 40 years of combined experience in Holistic Health. Pure Ratios Topicals:

  • combine Natural Analgesics including Hemp, Essential Oils, and Herbs
  • follow strict testing protocols to ensure Potency, Consistency and Safety
  • are highly effective and easy to use!

Pure Ratios Promises

Premium Ingredients • Expert Formulation • 3rd Party Tested

All Natural Ingredients
High-quality Hemp, Plants & Essential Oils

Easy to Use
Simple on-the-go application

High Potency
Optimal Cannabinoid concentration

Speedy Transdermal Delivery System

Together, we’re bringing you 3 new full-spectrum bundles for rest, recovery and mind-body balance!

Healing Botanicals

  • Hemp Extract Topical Salve
    with Arnica & Turmeric
  • 96 Hour Transdermal Patch


Save over $13


Deep Relief

  • Hemp Extract Roll-On
    with Arnica & Shea
  • 96 Hour Transdermal Patch


Save over $17


Total Comfort

  • Hemp Extract Topical Salve
  • Hemp Extract Roll-On
  • 96 Hour Transdermal Patch


Best deal: Save over $21


Backed by their decades of experience and endorsed by over 1,000 positive reviews, Pure Ratios is a trusted source of premium Hemp products we’re sure you’ll trust to sit alongside the Bloom Farms Wellness products you know and love.