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The Pure Ratios Promise

Pure Ratios is the life's work of a husband and wife team of holistic health practitioners. Between the two of them, they have over 40 years of experience in the holistic health and wellness field. Pure Ratios has a dedicated line of products that use the latest scientific evidence. This experience gets combined with knowledge of plant medicine that has been around for the last 5000 years.

The Cannabis Sativa Hemp Plant is a very diverse plant. In the past, the practitioners had difficulty standardizing the compounds that are found inside the plant.  Through advanced research, practitioners, including the Pure Ratios husband and wife team, have isolated and standardized the hemp plant's diverse compounds.

Pure Ratios combine science, research and lab testing, and Chinese medicine's ancient knowledge to create therapeutic and powerful products. These products have changed the lives of thousands around the world.

Pure Ratios utilizes third party testing on every batch of their products. They test for impurities, contaminants, heavy metals, and the amount of CBD in each batch. By doing this, they create a safe and healthy product. 

You will also know that the amount that is in each bottle is correct and that it accurately matches the label on the bottle. Many companies do not do this, and you will have no idea if the bottle you order has the correct amount of CBD. Some companies have defrauded people and sent a bottle with NO CBD in them! Pure Ratios will have none of that, and they guard the trust of their customers.

Each product that Pure Ratios produce will meet the company's own stringent standards of quality. They know that creating products that affect their customers' lives is a strict and serious business, impacting their customer's lives in a very serious way. Many of Pure Ratios customers come to the company with significant health problems that they need relief from to feel better and lead happier and more productive lives.

Pure Ratios take this seriously. They also use the safest methods of extracting CBD from the hemp plant, so no chemical residue is left in the final product. Many companies will use the cheapest way for extraction to save the most amount of money. Pure Ratios shuns this practice and uses the safest and most reliable extraction methods.

The quality of the hemp used in a product will affect the quality of the final product. Pure Ratios sources their hemp from the finest farms that use organic farming methods on their plants. They will only use reputable farmers who have a track record of producing the highest quality and the highest yielding hemp plants.

Because of all this, Pure Ratios can make a promise that their products are the safest, most reliable, and of the highest quality. They guarantee each order, and they will refund you your order if you are not fully satisfied with the products you buy and use. Not all companies make this promise, and you should be suspicious of companies who refuse to do this for their products.

The Pure Ratios Promise is this: You will get the safest, most potent, and most reliable product. Your satisfaction is their goal, and they will do anything they can to attain that goal. You can buy their products and rest on the assurance of that promise.