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Meet your performance goals!

Sport recovery studies are still at their early stages but one thing is certain: Your ability to recover from a workout is just as important as the workout itself. Your body’s capacity to return to its normal resting state, or recover, is as critical as its capacity to fire up for intense workout sessions. The faster you recover from your workout, the more benefit you will get from it, and the faster you will progress towards your health and performance goals!

What will support your healing process?

  • Lowering inflammation in your body will make a difference. Explore your options (Pure Ratios is one of them!)
  • The quality of your sleep will make a difference as your body repairs, recharges, and balances hormones at night to recover.
  • Manage your pain. Too much pain will make your recovery sluggish.
  • Attend to your stress levels and emotional health. Your emotional balance will also affect how you process pain.

By using the Pure Ratios 4 Day Patch as a baseline treatment you will be supporting your body’s natural endocannabinoid response which will help with all of the above.