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Feel the relaxation happening!

Muscle tension happens in the body when muscles that have contracted for movement fail to relax. This can happen anywhere in the body and can cause pain or soreness that makes it difficult to move.

Muscle tension can last for several hours, for days, or can become chronic. The longer the muscle remains contracted, the more tension and discomfort there will be. Muscle tension also seems to be triggered by stress.

Did you know that cannabinoids have been shown to slow down the chemical messengers involved in muscle contraction? So patch yourself, roll the contracted muscles with the Pure Ratios Hemp Extract Roll-on and let yourself feel the relaxation happening!

How can you use Pure Ratios to help release muscle tension?

  • Apply the 96-Hour Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch to any area of the body where you are experiencing muscle contraction or stiffness.
  • If you have more than one area of muscle contraction on your body, it’s ok to apply multiple patches to the different areas that need it
  • Feel the relaxation happen as sore and tense muscles release!

By using the Pure Ratios 4 Day Patch as a baseline treatment you will be supporting your body’s natural endocannabinoid response which will help with all of the above.