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Almost all of us deal with some form of discomfort, so many struggle when it comes to the important decision of choosing a way to manage pain.

Many pain solutions are WRONG, and can do more harm than good.

Some products may introduce unnatural synthesized chemicals into your body. Often these products can only “mask” the pain, rather than address the underlying causes. Several forms of pain management can have addictive properties that result in long term issues. Many products can only be obtained with special permission such as a prescription. Frequently these products come with side effects that end up causing more discomfort than relief.

The truth is:

You can relieve the imbalances that are causing your pain… NATURALLY and in harmony with your body’s design!

This is why I developed the Pure Ratios 96-Hour Transdermal Hemp-Extract Patch. But in order for you to understand I’ll have to tell you the whole story... including the important discovery I made while working with patients at my acupuncture clinic in Morocco.

That single discovery led to the development of our “intelligent” Hemp Extract patch that is now sweeping the nation, providing relief from aches and pains as well as a general feeling of “Well-Being” to men and women of all ages, so that they can continue their active lifestyles and feel great all over again.

And you’ll learn why I’ve found this may be the BEST option available for anyone needing support to continue their active lifestyles free from discomfort, or return to the active lifestyle they left behind, but WITHOUT the aches and pains.

But before I tell you how I made my amazing discovery, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Hind Connor.

I’m a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and Founder of the Integrated Medicine Clinic of San Diego.

In my practice I help people create balance in their bodies to relieve their aches and pains, while also supporting them to feel a strong sense of WELLNESS, something which sadly, too many of us are missing in our lives. Let me ask you: Do you believe that your body feels the best it possibly can day in and day out...?

Or do you often have aches, pains, stiffness, soreness, and some general discomfort in your body?

I believe no one should have to live that way...

I’ve devoted my life’s work to creating a product that will enable everyone to live in a body free from aches and pains, and most importantly, to feel WELL.

What do I Mean By Feeling “Well”?

That feeling of “Wellness” is what enables us to:

Greet each day with a smile

Keep up our active lifestyles

Engage the day’s activities with enthusiasm

Pick up our children or grandchildren

Or to chase them across the grass, giggling all the way!

Or maybe to let the kids chase US!

The story of my great discovery begins in Morocco...

“I just don’t feel well,” my new client said to me. I was conducting an initial client interview to find out why she had come to me at my clinic in Morocco, and the answer she was giving me was one that I was hearing more and more often from new clients.

“I don’t know exactly what it is,” she explained.

“Yes, I have some aches and pains, and I would love it if you could address those. But it’s more than that... I just feel... un-well. Do you know what I mean? I’m not crazy, am I?”

I looked at her sincere face and I knew, no, she wasn’t crazy. Her eyes seemed a bit sad, her face confused, and I found that her entire energy levels just seemed mildly… depressed. Not terrible.

Some aches and pains – but no one major injury or illness to point to… she just felt she had “lost a step” so to speak.

I was finding this with more and more clients. And I had recently hit on a particular acupuncture technique that was extremely effective in relieving these feelings of “unwellness,” as well as aches and pains.

The only problem with it was… I didn’t know exactly why it was so effective. I only knew it worked, and it worked often.

You won’t believe what happened next!

The client would lay down on the table and I would carefully go through a custom made routine to address the sources of their feelings of discomfort.

30 minutes later, she was off the table and, as usually happens with patients after receiving acupuncture, she was far more relaxed than she had been when she walked in.

But there was something else that was different too – something I caught in her voice.

“Thank you so much, Doctor Hind! I can’t explain it exactly, but I feel… better!”

She went home and I continued to wonder what exactly it was that these points were stimulating that made them produce such a powerful sensation of wellness, as well as relief for the discomfort felt by a patient.

A few days later, she was back. Same complaint – nothing in particular, just a lack of “wellness” and some aches and pains.

She reported that for a couple of days after our last session, things had changed dramatically for her.

She had felt more alive, more relaxed, more at peace and had greater enthusiasm for life. Her aches and pains were gone and she felt more comfortable in her body.

  • more alive
  • more relaxed
  • more at peace
  • enthusiasm for life

She engaged in more movement, and she had even taken her grandchildren to the park and raced around with them on the grass, something she hadn’t had the energy for in years.

But that feeling eventually faded.

And here she was again… We went through the same routine, same points, and again, she seemed better as she climbed off the table.

She called a couple of days later to let me know that right after her acupuncture session she again had felt that increased sense of “wellness” that she had been looking for – her aches were less, her mood was brighter, she felt more comfortable and relaxed in her body, and more positivity about her life in general.

This was good news!

But a week later, she was back in my office, with the same original complaint. The feeling of “wellness” that she had sought and found in our treatment had again faded, and she wanted another treatment.

By now, I knew from her experience and my experience with numerous other clients that the treatment protocol I had devised could relieve their suffering, and give them that sense of wellness that helps us flourish in everyday life… but I also knew that it didn’t last.

I needed a way to “bottle” that treatment so that I could send my patients home with it…

But before I could find a way to bottle it, I needed to define what “it” was.

I went back into my research. I was laser-focused on finding any research that might address this “wellness system” in the body that I had discovered. And I found my answer in a place I never expected to find it.

I came across a paper that described the effect of something called “cannabinoids” on the body, and as I read it…

I knew instantly I had found what I was looking for.

The description of the recently-discovered “cannabinoid system” sounded like the same system I had been stimulating with my acupuncture, and if my theory was correct, I ought to be able to stimulate it through cannabinoids as well as acupuncture. But unlike so many others, I would avoid the more common way so many people were using (or mis-using) hemp products…

I would use hemp the way ancient Chinese herbalists had discovered how to use it. Far more effectively, with much greater benefits.

“Bottling” my secret to wellness!

I began to experiment with different formulations… Luckily I was able to rely on my background in Chinese herbalism, which benefitted me tremendously.

I needed to find exactly the right way to distill the cannabinoids, the right herbs to pair them with to enhance their effects, as well as the right method of delivery.

I began researching every possible method of distillation of CBD, as well as delivery mechanisms.

When we began to run into road blocks in our research, my husband Chad and I uprooted our family in Morocco to move to San Diego so we could access the new techniques of distillation that were being perfected in California.

Our research revealed that one of the biggest factors in relief wasn’t just WHAT we put into our formula but also, HOW it entered the body.

And the results were more effective than anything we had ever hoped for…

Our unbelievable discovery…

We wanted to make sure that whatever we came up with, it would be something that anyone could take, without any fear of over-dosing.

We wanted something that would only help, and not harm while still maintaining it’s effectiveness. And what we came up with… WORKED.

Our research showed that by far the best delivery point for CBD is through the skin itself… This didn’t come as a surprise to me. My years of experience in acupuncture supported the idea of the skin being an excellent delivery system for relief.

Skin: Oh, how we have underestimated you!

The skin is FULL of cannabinoid receptors, and the skin acts like a giant “communication” system all over the body. When you take in CBD through the skin, those thousands of receptors are able to take in just the amount of CBD they need and then disperse it to where exactly it can provide relief.

Funnily enough our initial instinct to “bottle” our acupuncture treatment seemed to be incorrect. We weren’t looking for a “bottle” at all!

We now knew our best option would be to deliver our formula THROUGH the SKIN.

Once we concluded that the skin was our path forward we knew we needed a delivery mechanism. This is where modern medical science had much to offer.

We wanted to deliver our CBD distillate via a patch that went on the skin… but being natural health practitioners, we didn’t like how most modern patches work.

You see the traditional method of patch delivery that most companies rely on is called a “matrix” patch. This is just a fancy way of saying that the ingredients are mixed together with the adhesive that helps the patch stick to your skin.

This method of delivery isn’t ideal, because in addition to the healing ingredients, you are also delivering chemical compounds into the skin from the adhesive!

So we created a method that allowed us to create a “reservoir” in the patch to hold our special formulation, while not transferring unnatural adhesive into the patient’s skin.

Why is a PATCH better than other methods of using CBD?

Our experience with our patients showed that each patient’s skin absorbed the CBD from the patch on a different schedule – according to their body’s own, individual needs.

This meant that the patient wasn’t wasting CBD (or their money!) by using more than they needed.

As I mentioned before, there are thousands and thousands of CBD receptors under the skin, so we knew that skin delivery could be the most efficient way to deliver CBD to the body… and the skin itself would transport the CBD molecules to where they were needed most!

We put the power of WELLNESS in your hands!

Most importantly, we wanted the patient themself to be able to determine how much CBD they need, and to work with the their own body to determine how much they need to use to be effective.

Our patch allows just that – you can put one on and wait an hour, and if you want more relief, you can safely put another one on.

There is no issue of “overdosing” the way one might with other products. Your body will absorb the CBD in the patch according to your body’s own timeline.

Our secret to natural wellness is this:

We’ve used a combination of Eastern and Western medicine to bring you the best CBD Patch on the market.

Thousands of customers have now tried our patches and the results are beyond anything else that we’ve ever seen. Finally, our patients are finally able to take that “Wellness” feeling home with them!

THIS is what I always wanted…

I never wanted my patients to be completely dependent upon me… I wanted them to be able to independently provide for their own wellness, because that is what gives true freedom.

Don’t just take my word for it…

I love our patches and my husband and I use them constantly – on ourselves, on our relatives, and most importantly – on our clients.

We now have thousands of testimonials from individuals who have found new life… relief from pain… and most importantly, a FULL body sense of WELLNESS from our patches!

Best Pain Patch Ever!

These patches are the best. I wear the patches for 4 days but usually have relief from pain well into the 5th and 6th days.

-Pamela C.

It Works!

I tried other patches that worked as well – but they only lasted 6-8 hours. This one works AND lasted 4 days.

-Susan I.

Great Product.

Gave my body to function almost normally again. I can now use it to work out.

-Mary M.

Superior wellness…everyday.

I am thrilled to bring you the PURE RATIOS AWARD-WINNING 96 HOUR TRANSDERMAL HEMP PATCH, an “Intelligent” CBD delivery system that relieves pain, increases relaxation, and promotes wellness.

The cannabinoid system, much like other systems in the body, needs to be fed and stimulated every day, and we found that most people aren’t taking advantage of that.

Just like how giving your body specific vitamins every day can change the way specific parts of your body function… giving your body CBD from a source outside your body can increase the overall effectiveness of your cannabinoid system!

Feeling like the best possible version of YOU could be as easy as wearing a patch every day.

What now??

I know what these patches can do for people. I’ve seen just how much relief they can provide. So now, I’m on a mission to help 100 Million people get relief and achieve a feeling of wellness…

100 Million people who will return to (or continue) their active lifestyles, free of the aches and pains that plagued them before… 100 Million people who will LIVE LIFE!

So I’ve arranged to get you a very special, limited time discount on these patches, as you’ll see below.And there’s ZERO risk to you because…

You’re totally covered with my 100% risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Look, I’ve worked with enough clients over the past 5 years to have COMPLETE confidence in our patches. That’s why I have no issue taking ALL the risk… and putting a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on my Pure Ratios Transdermal Hemp Extract Patches.

Because let’s face it… results are what matter. So if in the odd chance you don’t see the results you want, you’ll get your money back when you contact us within 30 Days.

My promise to you:

Promise #1:
More comfort and ease in your body.

Some of us have pain, some of us just have aches. All of us have some discomfort somewhere. These patches will help relieve that pain and give you a greater sense of comfort in your body.

Promise #2:
A greater feeling of wellness.

All of us need wellness. We want to feel comfortable in our body, and ready and able to do the things that we sometimes shy away from because of that discomfort… like playing sports, or chasing our kids or grandchildren, or going on walks with friends. These patches will increase your overall feeling of wellness.

Pure Ratios Customer Service available 24/7 via phone or email to handle your refund request.

if you don’t feel my Pure Ratios Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch meets either of these assurances, feel free to drop my customer service team a line at 619-821-2997 or email them at within 30 Days of your order and you’ll get a 100% refund.

Here’s my special offer to you:

I’ve created a special offer, just for you! I am not sure how long this incredible discount will be available, so I urge you to take action now, pocket the immediate savings and get going on your path to a pain-free life of wellness.

Get relief now!